Experiment Session 1: Introduction to Digital Logic


1.1 Chip Pin Sheet

74LS00 Pin Sheet

74LS02 Pin Sheet

74LS04 Pin Sheet
74LS08 Pin Sheet
74LS32 Pin Sheet

2.2 Recommended Operation Conditions

3.3 Experiment Lecture

Click here to download experiment lecture (format: .docx)

Click here to download experiment lecture (format: .pdf)

4.4 Experiment Report

Click her to download experiment report template (foramt: .docx)

Finish the following questions:

  • Required Questions:

Question 7.1.1

Question 7.2.1

Question 7.2.2

Question 7.3.1

Question 7.3.2

  • Optional Questions:

Question 7.1.2

Question 7.2.3

Question 7.3.3

5.5 Report Format and Deadline

  • Report Format: electrical document, .doc/.docx/.pdf will be OK.
  • Deadline: Before the end of this semester.
  • Mailbox: chengkaiupc@163.com

Attention: You would get zero for your experiment if you didn’t send the report to me before the deadline or to the right mailbox.

6.6 Contact Me

If you have any question, please leave a message below this passage or send me an email, I will be pleasure to help you.